My work is inspired by my environment. Most of my adult life I have been living in rural areas. This exposure to wilderness has created a bond with a variety of local species. In conjunction, my wildly adventurous and sometimes lustful daydreaming feeds my active imagination In my work, these two influences combine to create a wide breadth of imagined atmospheres that in some way, portray a certain level of unattainable fulfillment.

With an interest in making environments, objects, drawings, and prints reflective of this investigation, I find myself attracted to a macabre and abject sense of design. My work appears enchanting, yet upon closer inspection reveals a peculiar darkness. Tactile material choices such as sugar, found objects, personal relics, and natural artifacts act as metaphors for my dreamy sensibility. I surround myself with everyday objects that inspire me and in turn always seek pieces that will comfort me. These effects become the basis for my projects which explore a relationship between a healthy fulfillment and a sickly excess. Together these objects, combined with layers of memories, transform and manifest into a fantasy environment where I can create a temporary daydream landscape. The continued pattern of hunting, gathering, and building never seems to satisfy matters of longing that transpire within my work.